What is BAPHL?Top

Yeah, let's go with that. Just what is BAPHL?
BAPHL is the Boston Area Puzzle Hunt League. It is a recurring series of puzzle hunts that take place in the Boston area.
Teams are given difficult puzzles that require various logical, lateral-thinking, and creative skills to solve. There is also an element of exploration which requires teams to visit certain locations during the completion of the event.
Where do BAPHLs come from?
The first BAPHL event ran in May 2010. Since then, like (tremendously slow) clockwork, a BAPHL event has run every spring and fall, with the winners of previous hunts stepping up to write the next ones.
That said, if you're interested in cutting in and writing a BAPHL hunt, please contact baphl@baphl.org.
That sounds pretty cool! When's the next one?
Saturday, April 5 2014!
Check out the BAPHL 9 page for more info!

Past BAPHL EventsTop


Email baphl9@baphl.org for questions about the BAPHL 9 event.

Email baphl@baphl.org for questions about past or future BAPHL events.

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