Registration for BAPHL 16 is now closed.

BAPHL Information

What is BAPHL?
The Boston Area Puzzle Hunt League (BAPHL) is a recurring puzzle hunt taking place in areas around Boston. Teams of 4-6 travel on foot solving sets of puzzles (logic, crosswords, trivia, etc.) to reach a final goal.
When is the next one?
October 8, 2017
Isn’t that a Sunday?
Indeed it is. Some of our staff cannot attend puzzle hunts on Saturdays, and we wanted to give them and others the chance to participate.
Where will this take place?
BAPHL 16 will take place in the vicinity of Central Square and Kendall Square in Cambridge.
How do I register?
Sorry, all available slots have been taken. Registration is now closed.
How much does it cost?
Registration will cost $30 for most teams. If at least half of your team members have never solved in a BAPHL before, the cost is $20.
What if it rains?
We'll get wet. We'll all be a little sad. If it gets really bad, we'll make some adjustments to the route and puzzles, but you should be prepared for whatever nature may bring.

Puzzle Info

What kinds of puzzles will there be?
Every hunt is a little bit different, and every puzzle is unique. But if you want to get a sense of the types of puzzles and their difficulty, you can check out some examples from prior BAPHL events: BAPHL 14, BAPHL 15, or BAPHL 13
Just how hard is this thing?
There will be two divisions: Casual and Competitive. If you've never done any sort of puzzle hunts before, the Casual mode is for you - we'll provide more hints so that you can keep solving and having fun. If you've done anything like The Game, the MIT Mystery Hunt, or past BAPHLs, then you should go to Competitive mode.
What kind of supplies will we need?
You'll want lots of solving supplies - paper, pencils, scissors, tape, highlighters, markers, rulers, etc. You'll want to bring clipboards, since you may not be able to find seating at a table along our route. You'll want to bring comfortable footwear, as there is a bit more walking in this BAPHL than usual. And don't forget that it will be October in Boston, so you will want things that will keep you comfortable and warm.
Did you say there would be more walking than usual?
Yes. The route we have planned covers about 3 miles on foot, compared to 1-2 miles for most other BAPHLs. If someone on your team has mobility issues, you are welcome to use public transit, hired rides, or your own vehicles, but we ask that you let us know beforehand as a courtesy.