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BAPHL 21 Information

Greetings, Bostonians, Medfordites, Cambridgoers, and all travelers to the Bay State! We, the humble team of Fleens? YOU’RE Not Fleens! are happy to invite all of you to join us for the Boston Area Puzzle Hunt League’s 21st incarnation: the Boston Alternative to Purchasing High-Priced Leaguetickets! (Yes, it’s all one word…)

Wait—What’s BAPHL? I’m Baffled!

The Boston Area Puzzle Hunt League is a recurring series of puzzlehunts created, run, and solved by Massachusetts puzzle lovers. Teams are given a series of challenging puzzles and must discover the secret answers contained in each one, which eventually lead to meta-puzzle solutions and victory! There is also an element of exploration to the puzzles, as teams will be required to use certain landmarks, locations, and nearby items to crack several of the challenges. (Goose shape)

Gee, that sounds fun! When is it?

BAPHL 21 will run on Saturday, July 13, from 9:30 AM-5:00 PM.

“But wait!” you are doubtlessly crying. “That’s the same weekend as the National Puzzlers’ League convention in Boulder, Colorado!” And, hypothetical reader, you are sadly correct. This is the same weekend. But to make up for it, we’re offering the chance to celebrate the history of Boston with an alternative hunt--one celebrating the treasures of Beantown! We’ll explore the very heart of the city and uncover the secrets hiding in our own backyards!

Sounds exciting! Where will it be, exactly?

BAPHL 21 will take place in the downtown area of Boston. We’ll begin on the Boston Common bright and early, then travel roughly one mile around that area. Bring your walking shoes! (Latin 1)

Oh boy! How do I take part?

It’s easy! Just fill out this handy form! The number of teams is limited, so be sure to get your information in ASAP!

How much does it cost?

Only $30 per team! What an ASTOUNDING bargain!

What if I don’t have a team, but want to participate?

That’s easy, too! Just fill out this equally handy form! We’ll pair you up with a team! (Failure’s forehead fashion)

Have you developed a machine to control the weather so it will be perfect out?

Nope! If we had, we’d be holding Boston for ransom. But seriously, folks, please be prepared for whatever the weather may be. If it looks like rain, bring along umbrellas and slickers. If it’s sunny, come with hats and sunscreen. And should it snow... well, we’ll have bigger problems than BAPHL, won’t we?


So what exactly are these puzzles?

They cover a wide range of types and knowledge! Past BAPHLs have included everything from paper airplane-making contests to translating alien languages to identifying cartoon characters to remakes of classic board games. If you want a closer look at past BAPHLs and their style, check out some of these previous hunts:

This will be the FABULOUS Fleens’ first time ever writing a puzzle hunt, though, so be ready for some surprises!

Gee, these past hunts look tough…

They are! Trust me, we did some of them. But our overall goal is for you to have fun, so we’ll be on hand to provide hints and keep you moving in the right direction if you choose! We also have two divisions available. If you’re puzzle-hunting pros with experience in things like the MIT Mystery Hunt or past BAPHLs, we recommend the “Boston, You’re My Home!” division. Those new or newish to puzzle hunts, or who are looking for a more casual experience, should select “Just Visiting!”--these teams will be provided with an unlimited supply of hints and other pointers on how to solve this type of challenge. (Sign of hunger in a car?)

You’ve convinced me! What do I pack?

You’ll want a large supply of puzzle-solving tools: pencils and paper, of course, but also straight-edges and rulers, colored pencils or markers, graphing paper, highlighters, scissors and tape (for the craftier sort of puzzle), and clipboards (in case you need a hard surface). We also recommend packing some snacks and bottled water--there’ll be plenty of places to stop for food along the way, but having an emergency treat supply is always a good idea! And as mentioned above, sunscreen, umbrellas, and other weather-related gear should be carried, too.


Registration is open! Fill out this Google form: Registration Form Once you do, you’ll be contacted for the $30 registration fee (payable by PayPal). Once you’ve paid, you’ll be all set!

If you are an unattached hunter looking to join a team, fill out this form instead! Find Me A Team! We’ll do our best to pair you with a team!

Thanks so much for checking us out! We’ll be expecting you on July 13th! (It follows Batman and The Cat…)


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