BAPHL 9: Forbidden Rhode Island was held on Saturday, April 5 in Providence, RI beginning outside the Providence Amtrak Station at approximately 11:30am. A total of 31 teams (24 Competitive, 7 Casual) arrived on "Forbidden Rhode Island" to collect four treasures, but were warned that the island was sinking, in a scenario reminiscent of a particular board game.

Teams were able to check in at four locations in any order, each of which offered four puzzles. Solvers were able to move to a new location once they solved enough of their current location's puzzles, or after an hour had passed. To alleviate crowding, teams were encouraged to start at different locations (which they did!), and to move from location to location as soon as they were allowed to do so (which they sometimes did). The four puzzles in each location could be used to identify a treasure, and identifying all four treasures unlocked a final metapuzzle once teams returned to the starting location.

Fifteen teams in the Competitive division completed BAPHL 9 before the 6pm wrapup, in the following order:

  1. plugh - 2:33pm
  2. Death From Above - 2:58pm
  3. Phlogiston - 3:17pm
  4. 111 Mice - 3:27pm
  5. Dan Katz's Little Ponies - 3:31pm
  6. No Limit - 3:59pm
  7. Quarks and Gluons - 4:14pm
  8. Central Services - 4:50pm
  9. Team YES!!!!!!! - 4:53pm
  10. metacomet - 5:08pm
  11. One Beard, Two Beard, Random Beard, Blue Beard - 5:16pm
  12. The Ocean State Chalice - 5:20pm
  13. Dirty Bayes - 5:28pm
  14. Unseen Travelers - 5:32pm
  15. Azote - 5:41pm

Don't Get Run Over was the only casual team to complete the metapuzzle before the wrap-up, finishing at 5:47pm.

In addition, Look Out Below (Competitive) and GeoCrew (Casual) both completed the metapuzzle shortly after the wrap-up.


The PDF below contains an introduction to the event, an adventurer's log, and a page of supplemental information. Some of the information on these pages may be helpful when solving certain puzzles, and some information is necessary to solve the four treasure metapuzzles!

Introduction (and other useful documents)

Below are PDFs of the puzzles and their solutions. Please note that:

Warmup Puzzles (posted the week before BAPHL): Puzzles / Solutions

Location: Waterplace Park

Location: One Citizens Plaza

Location: Burnside Park

Location: Memorial Park


For those who wish to print all the puzzles at once, we have provided two separate PDFs of all the black and white puzzles and all the color puzzles. The color PDF does not include Forbidden Rhode Island, as this final metapuzzle contains spoilers to the treasure metapuzzles. Do not look at the final metapuzzle until you have identified the four treasures!

Teams in the Casual division were entitled to ask for hints throughout the event, but they were also given a document with additional instructions and starting hints for puzzles.



Specific HQ contact information will be given in writing to each team's Captain on the day of the event, along with other essential information.

Email for questions about the BAPHL 9 event.

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