BAPHL 7: Basic American Pseudo-History LessonTop

At the start of the hunt, 29 teams taking Advanced Topics in Revere-Longfellow Studies (hard track) and 9 teams taking Intro to Revere-Longfellow Studies (normal track) were welcomed to the Boston-Area Pseudo-History Lesson field trip, taking place this year on the Freedom Trail. Since all the teachers were at developmental training, the district had brought in Phlogizote to ensure that all students spent the day learning about the historical figures associated with Paul Revere’s ride (rather than just wandering around the city). Each group of students was given a packet of four assignments to complete as part of the field trip and a bag lunch (in strict alignment with the First Lady’s nutritional guidelines for growing students). Once everyone had their buddies and was ready to go, the field trip started and teams were off.

After solving two puzzles, teams could check their answers with two Phlogizote representatives by the Ben Franklin statue on School Street, in front of Old City Hall. Upon doing this, they were informed of the bad news: district standards had changed, and they now had four additional historical figures to learn about.

Once teams had completed 5 total assignments, they could check in with more Phlogizote representatives at the second checkpoint, the Rose Kennedy Greenway (across from Mother Anna’s restaurant). Again, teams were told that the district was requiring them to learn about even more historical figures (with some dubious choices in regards to Paul Revere’s ride — Willy Wonka? Glinda the Good Witch? really?). Once teams had finished 10 (of 13 total) assignments correctly, they could go to the final location.

At the Paul Revere Mall, once it was verified that teams had correctly completed enough assignments, they were given their final exam, tying together everything they had learned.

Final results, with fastest teams first:

  Hard Teams: Final Time:
  The Sons of Tamarkin 2:22
  plugh 2:45
  Bigfield Fighting Koobish 3:10
  Danish House Mafia 3:39
  The Fourth Horseman 3:43
  Palintec Astrodome 3:43
  111 Mice 4:35
  ♘♘♘ Galactic Trendsetters ♘♘♘ 4:38
  Clever Canisters 4:44
  Do Not Write Below This Line 5:02
  The Daughters of Davis 5:10
  Scenic Travelers 5:54
  Cartographers for Topological Equivalence 6:02
  Normal Teams: Final Time:
  Mostly Harmless 5:42
  TBD 5:47

Puzzles & SolutionsTop

Puzzle Packet 1:        
One if by Land: Paul Revere Jenny Gutbezahl and Kevin Wald hard normal solution
Two if by Sea: William Dawes Kevin Wald hard normal solution
Thirteen if by Big Rig: John Hancock Kevin Wald hard normal solution
Seventeen if by Party Bus: Samuel Adams Eli Barrieau hard normal solution
Puzzle Packet 2:        
Three if by Flagship: Betsy Ross Eli Barrieau hard normal solution
Four if by Sedan Chair: Ethan Allen Brie Frame, Ben Smith, and Joe Cabrera hard   solution
Four if by Yankee Clipper: Ethan Allen
(3D glasses helpful)
Joe Cabrera   normal solution
Seven if by Fire Truck: Ben Franklin* Katherine Bryant hard normal solution
Nine if by UFO: Crispus Attucks* Kevin Wald hard normal solution
Puzzle Packet 3:        
Five if by Wheelbarrow: Rose Kennedy Joon Pahk and Katherine Bryant hard normal solution
Six if by Sundry: Phileas Fogg Susan Glass and Jenny Gutbezahl hard normal solution
Eight if by School Bus: Georges Seurat
(Scantron® form with 5 response choices per line required)
Ben Smith hard normal solution
Twelve if by Broom: Glinda Kevin Wald hard normal solution
Fourteen if by Glass Elevator: Willy Wonka* Jenny Gutbezahl and Katherine Bryant hard normal solution
Final Exam (meta)* Team Phlogizote hard normal solution

Or download all the puzzles together in one PDF:

Teams also received these documents just before or at the start of the hunt:

Want to try solving the puzzles yourself but couldn’t make it to BAPHL 7?
These images will help you solve the puzzles requiring something physical or site-specific without requiring peeking at the full solutions:

Additional CreditsTop

And thanks to everyone who participated and made this a great event!


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