BAPHL Information

What is BAPHL?
The Boston Area Puzzle Hunt League (BAPHL) is a twice thrice yearly puzzle hunt (like a scavenger hunt, with puzzles) in areas around Boston. Teams of 4-6 travel on foot solving sets of puzzles (think like logic puzzles, crosswords, trivia, etc.) to reach a final goal.
How is BAPHL 13 different?
Well, the main thing is that it involves islands. We'll all go out on a ferry together, and you can return with us at the end of the day or on hourly ferries throughout the day. We thought we should tell you that in case you have issues with boats. Details will be sent out to registered teams before the start of the hunt, and if you need more info to make your plans, just email us at Everything else, you'll find out on the way!
When is it?
July 25, 2015. Boat leaves at 9am, and the hunt proper will kick off at 10am. Yeah, we know it's early; it will be worth it.
How do I register?
Registration is now open! Please sign up at
How much does it cost?
BAPHL 13 will cost $23 per team PLUS $14 per person. That's more than previous years, because it covers the cost of boat fare to and from the island. All of the money will go directly back into boat tickets, printing, props, etc. Because we're providing boat tickets for everyone who registers, you'll need to know your team size when you sign up.
We recognize that this is more than Bostoners are used to paying for puzzle hunts. We sincerely hope that the adventure is well worth the added cost.
What if it rains?
We'll get wet. We are working on some coverage in case of bad weather, but because of the particular logistics here it would be very difficult to reschedule or make any significant changes for anything short of a weather emergency.

Puzzle Information

What kind of puzzles will there be?
Every puzzle hunt is a little bit different, and every puzzle is unique. But if you want to get a sense of the types of puzzles and their difficulty, you can check out some examples from prior BAPHL events: Spring 2015, Fall 2014, Summer 2014.
Just how hard is this thing?
First of all, you should know that we'll have two divisions, First Mates and Deck Hands. If you've never done any sort of puzzle hunt before, the Deck Hand class is probably for you - we'll provide more hints so that you can keep solving and having fun. If you've done anything like The Game, the MIT Mystery Hunt, or past BAPHLs, you should fit in quite well in the First Mate class.
What kind of supplies do we need?
You'll want lots of solving supplies - paper, pencils, clipboards, scissors, tape, highlighters, straight edge, etc. You'll also definitely want anything that you're going to need to keep you comfortable for the day - water, sunscreen, and comfy shoes will probably make you much happier.
There is food available where we're going, but not a ton of options, so you may choose to bring a picnic lunch as well.


Puzzle solutions are (finally) online! You can find all the puzzles and their solutions below.
Island 1
Islands 2 and 3


BAPHL 13 was written by Death From Above, a team of MIT students and recent (and not-so-recent) alumni.
Puzzle construction
Simone Agha, Robin Deits, James Douberley, Grant Elliott, David Greenspan, Paul Hlebowitsh, Misha Wolfson, Henry Wong
Design, graphics, and layout
Simone Agha
Background image from Wikimedia Commons
Testers, reviewers, and amazing volunteers
J Heléne Andersson, Carol Carveth, Patrick Hulin, Elaine Kristant, Sarah Leadbeater, Peter Lorenz, Jesse Moeller, and many wonderful members of Death from Above and Left as an Exercise for the Reader.


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