BAPHL 8: From Dusk to Dawn (or vice versa)Top


BAPHL 8 was run on Saturday, October 26 2013 commencing at 10:00am.


22 teams competed in the Competitive division and 6 in the Casual division.


The hunt began at Greene-Rose Heritage Park where the eighth meetup of the Boston Area Publishers of Horrific Literature playtested the first in a series of Young Adult interactive novels by local author H. L. Plughcraft, entitled "From Dusk to Dawn (or vice versa): A Choose-Your-Own Zombie Apocalypse".

After falling victim to a zombie outbreak, competitors were sent on a journey through a number of parks (Squirrel Brand Park, Clement G. Morgan Park) before converging on Novartis Global Research Headquarters and Technology Square (named TransHuman Inc. in the story text). Successful teams identified the source of the zombie outbreak, and more importantly, how to inoculate themselves and reverse the infection.


Team Elapsed time (h:mm)
✈✈✈Galactic Trendsetters✈✈✈ 3:52
Quarks and Gluons 4:37
Team (Casual) 5:05
The Sons of Tamarkin 5:09
Azote 5:36
Just for the Halloween 5:41
Phlogiston 6:21


Puzzle construction, event design, and organization
Michael Booth, Joseph DeVincentis, Nathan Fung, Paul Melamud, Corey Plover
Story writing
Michael Booth
Graphics, design, and typesetting
Corey Plover
Test solvers
Rich Bragg, Moya Chen, Benjamin Cosman, Evan Davis, Tom Gazzola, Mark Halpin, Laura Klein, Milica Kolundzija, Jonathan McCue Eric Prestemon, Alex Stark, Charles Steinhardt

Puzzles & Solutions

Introductory packet
Act 1 - Greene-Rose Heritage Park
  Circles by Corey, Nathan & Mike  (Competitive)  (Casual)  (Solution)
  Sightings by Nathan & Mike  (Competitive)  (Casual)  (Solution)
  Hunting by Joe  (Competitive)  (Casual)  (Solution)
  Buddy System by Joe  (Competitive)  (Casual)  (Solution)
Act 2 - Clement G. Morgan Park
  Natural Enemies by Nathan  (Competitive)  (Casual)  (Solution)
  Neurology by Corey & Joe  (Competitive)  (Casual)  (Solution)
  Ranged Weapons by Joe  (Competitive)  (Casual)  (Solution)
  Dietary Intake by Nathan  (Competitive)  (Casual)  (Solution)
Act 3 - Novartis Global Research
  Mental Ability by Corey  (Competitive)  (Casual)  (Solution)
  Pursuit by Nathan  (Competitive)  (Casual)  (Solution)
  Evolution by Corey & Mike  (Competitive)  (Casual)  (Solution)
Act 4 - Technology Square
  Anatomy - Meta by Joe and Team Plugh  (Competitive)  (Casual)  (Solution)
Act 5 - Finale
  Inoculation - Meta-meta by all of Team Plugh  (Competitive)  (Casual)  (Solution)


The following errata were present during the event, but have been corrected in the above PDF files.

About BAPHLTop

Imagine that I'm new to this whole "BAPHL" thing. What is it?
BAPHL is the Boston Area Puzzle Hunt League. It is a recurring series of puzzle hunts that take place in the Boston area.
BAPHL hunts incorporate an element of exploration to the traditional pen-and-paper puzzles, and require teams to visit certain locations during the completion of the event. All travel can be accomplished on foot and takes place in publicly accessible areas, but solvers are highly encouraged to dress for outdoor activities.
The event is designed to be completed in 4-6 hours. Food and drink are not provided, and teams must bring their own supplies such as pencils, paper, clipboards, scissors and straight-edges.
OK. Now imagine that I'm a seasoned veteran of BAPHL events. Is there anything particular I need to know about *this* event?
...well? Can you tell me?
Oh, of course!
For starters, we are relaxing the "no internet of any kind" rule. We can't really enforce this, so we won't try to prevent, or forbid, you from accessing the internet. But the puzzles are designed to be solvable without going to the internet.
Further BAPHL 8 specifics will be announced in the lead-up, or upon commencement, of the event.


Specific HQ contact information will be given in writing to each team's Captain on the day of the event, along with other essential information.

Email for questions about the BAPHL 8 event.

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