A puzzle is like a virus. Resilient, highly contagious. The smallest seed of an idea can turn into a solution. It can grow to define or destroy you.
But these days, everyone knows how to solve a puzzle. The real trick is to change the answer.

BAPHL 4 puzzles and solutions

In some cases, the normal and hard puzzles are identical. In other cases, the normal puzzle comes with more information or more instructions.

Puzzle Author
Beginnings and Ends Bryce Herdt normal hard solution
Bit by Bit Amos Eshel normal hard solution
The Chase Catherine Havasi and Rob Speer normal hard solution
E-Z Does It Adam Hesterberg and Rob Speer normal hard solution
Totem (meta) Jason Alonso and Rob Speer normal hard solution
Keeping Tabs Sam Trabucco normal hard solution
Something Isn't Right Charles Steinhardt normal hard solution
We Have To Go Deeper Glenn Willen normal hard solution
The Futoshiki Kick (meta) Charles Steinhardt normal hard solution
Dilation Derek Kisman normal hard solution
Messing With Geometry Rob Speer normal hard solution
Paint By Letters Ben Aisen normal hard solution
Zero Gravity Rob Speer normal hard solution
Puzzle-ception (meta) Rob Speer solution


Hunt structure

The hunt was structured as three nested puzzle hunts: Saito's Hunt, Arthur's Hunt, and Fischer's Hunt.

Each team had two goals: to change an answer within Fischer's hunt using a metapuzzle, and then to "kick" their way out of the remaining hunts by solving their metapuzzles. The metapuzzle in each hunt required all the answers from that hunt, plus the answers in the hunts contained within, so the first metapuzzle handed out (Totem) was intended to be the last to be solved.

The winning team had an encounter with Mal, escaping from Cobb's subconscious into the puzzle hunt at large. Mal successfully seduced Team Plugh into staying in the world of puzzles and writing BAPHL 5.

Architectural Research (free puzzle answer)

The "architectural research" quest required going to a particular location, and taking a picture of a team member, posed like they're in a movie poster, in front of some interesting piece of architecture.

Target locations got closer as time passed, especially for teams that were missing several answers.

The possible locations, from easiest to hardest, were: