BAPHL: A Puzzle Hunt Lost

BAPHL 15 Information

What is BAPHL?
The Boston Area Puzzle Hunt League (BAPHL) is a twice thrice yearly puzzle hunt (like a scavenger hunt, with puzzles) in areas around Boston. Teams of 4-6 travel on foot solving sets of puzzles (think like logic puzzles, crosswords, trivia, etc.) to reach a final goal.
When was BAPHL 15?
August 27, 2016

Puzzles and Solutions

The theme of BAPHL15, announced at kickoff, was a search for BAPHL 14 - the greatest puzzle hunt ever run. Solvers were given the meta puzzle in their intro packet and told that it required 8 answers to solve.

Meta Puzzle
Round 1 Puzzles

After solving all 8 round 1 puzzles, solvers could solve the meta puzzle. Solving it would give an answer suggesting they should go back to the BAPHL before the missing BAPHL14, which was the pirate-themed BAPHL13. They would have an interaction with the Dread Pirate LeChuck and receive round 2.

Round 2 Puzzles

The round 2 meta suggested that solvers could in some way reuse their answers and "Play It Again" (it being the meta). Re-solving the meta with modified answers gave a new answer, telling solvers what happened to BAPHL14.


A huge thanks to everybody who helped write and test this event, including: Simone Agha, Liz Chhouk, Robin Deits, James Douberley, Grant Elliott, Drew Fisher, David Greenspan, Kristin Hlebowitsh, Paul Hlebowitsh, Peter Lorenz, Jesse Moeller, Michele Pratusevich, Max Wolf, Misha Wolfson, and Henry Wong.


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