Things We Received for "Scavenger Hunt"

NOTE: For most of these items, we sadly failed to note who gave them to us! If you'd like credit, please let us know! Or, if you've got anything that you'd like to see posted here, please send it to us.

Signed Contracts

We received a signed contract from Bent Tofu Tools promising to write a BAPHL event within 3 years! We consider this a remarkable victory. Scan forthcoming.


The Sauce Is Bubbling



BAPHL! BAPHL! You're so great!
For each new puzzle, we can't wait.
The end game we anticipate...
In fact, it makes us salivate.
We solve from early till real late.
We're oh so glad we saved this date
To have some fun and cogitate
Just two more lines, 'cause this one's 8
The first line we'll reiterate:
BAPHL! BAPHL! You're so great!
There once was a puzzle hunt called BAPHL
In challenges cerebral it dabbled.
Its puzzles were hard,
But in elegance unmarred
Making other hunts seem quite laughable

There once was a stanza from Nantucket
Its purpose clearly redundant
We tried to make it rhyme
But couldn't figure out how
So to that, and meter, we said "fuck it".
We came in peace
To use our gray matter
And part of our taste
Requests BAPHL flatter

Puzzles are hard
To write and create
And every one here
Was spiffy and great!

Only the best can
Create such a day
I wish that we
Never had to cease play
Puzzlers, there's no need to feel down
Puzzlers, turn that frown upside down
I said, puzzlers, 'cuz you're in Brookline Town
There's no need to be unhappy

Puzzlers, there's the Bright One to raise
Puzzlers, there's researchers to praise
Puzzlers, you can solve all the day
Many ways to have a good time

It's fun to puzzle at BAPHL
It's fun to puzzle at BAPHL
They have everything for puzzle geeks to enjoy
And they mostly will not annoy

It's fun to puzzle at BAPHL
It's fun to puzzle at BAPHL
You can solve all the clues
In the park or indoors
After looking at all the store