BAPHL 18: Backup Athletes Playing the Hometown League

BAPHL Information

BAPHL 18 ran on Sunday, August 26th, at 10am EDT. We had 60 teams registered and 56 came out to participate in the BAPHLball event.

BAPHL18 was introduced as "Bench Attorneys Prosecuting Hearsay Lawlessness," but it was revealed during the opening that the true theme of the hunt was the sport of BAPHLball.

Baby Velociraptor is on trial for the immoral, illegal, and fattening crime of eating all of the BAPHLball equipment. Without any equipment, there can be no BAPHLball championship game tonight.

Their attorney's defense is that Baby Velociraptor has made reparations for their crime: they have brought eighteen athletes from neighboring cities to play in the championship game. They will be drafted onto two teams for the championship game: the Back Bay Legends, and the South End Celebs.

BAPHLball is an unusual sport: in BAPHLball, the athletes play as the equipment themselves. Sixteen of the athletes that have come to Boston for the championship game come equally from four teams, and the athletes from the same original team all play as the same piece of equipment in BAPHLball. Additionally, there are two free agents that have been brought in to be the most valuable players for the two teams.

To help Baby Velociraptor get acquitted for their crimes, teams needed to:

  • Convince the sixteen main athletes to play by solving their puzzles
  • Determine what pieces of equipment they will play as in the championship
  • Discover what piece of equipment the most valuable players will be
  • Use the championship game to uncover the identities of the most valuable players

If they succeed, Boston will enjoy a riveting final game for the BAPHLball season, and Baby Velociraptor can go participate in the next upcoming puzzlehunt in the area.

28 teams completed the official hunt by completing the first megameta puzzle, which gathered all the athletes for the BAPHLball championship. 16 teams played out the game by completing the (bonus) second megameta puzzle.
Teams were scored as follows, based on checking in their answers at that round's station and/or turning in their answer sheet at the end of the event. (Some teams actually did better than they sco, since some teams checked answers at different stations, did not check in their answers at all, or did not turn in their answer sheet.) Each confirmed puzzle answer was worth 100 points, each confirmed round meta answer was worth 150 points, and each confirmed megameta answer was worth 200 points. Additionally, teams scored a point for each minute under 90 they completed a round in and each minute under 60 they completed a final megameta in. Teams with 0 points are not listed below.

Intramural Junior Associate Team Score
Fred's Favorite Stepchildren 1804 1701
Abecedarians 1143
Alexa, play Despacito 1010
The Sunkids 786
The Aquoise Penguins 718
Slappy and the Stinkers 663
Blue Barracudas 619
Team Chaos 317
TBD 25
Varsity Senior Partner Team Score
Mystik Spiral 3151
✈✈✈ Galactic Trendsetters ✈✈✈ 3125
plugh 3079
Phlogiston 3077
Quarks and Gluons 3058
Immodest, Illegible, and Fatuous 3055
Baby Kittens 3047
The Tweedles 3032
Frumious Bandersnatch 2990
Scrivener Castle 2975
The Natural 20s 2973
athenahealth 2965
SPecialoPs 2955
Memeing Conglomerate 2913
Random Numbers 2908
Fleens? YOU'RE Not Fleens! 2886
Half-Kitten, Half-Kitten 2856
MATErial witness 2764
Team Unsmelled 2523
pluru 2379
111 Mice 2312
Bigfield Fighting Koobish 2083
The Providence Transplantations 2083
[citation needed] 1938
[Redacted] 1916
Spielzeug 1799
Team Team Team Team 1740
The Mindtakers 1505
Alien Lab 1255
🐶🐶 🐶НO0ОଠOOOOOОଠଠOOO 🐶✈🐶✈🐶✈
Unseen Travelers 1144
Dwindling Party 1125
Spunk Monkeys 1074
Updog 1072
This Space Intentionally Left Blank 960
Testudinidae 944
Extra Fat and Spicy Grubs for Earlymeal 932
011011100101110111 865
Brunonian Brain Nouns 864
Canticle Servers 619
Test Solution Please Ignore 143
Lumber Line 51
Different Adventure, Same Heroes 1

Puzzles and Solutions

Introductory Packet
Charlestown Blackhawks
Primary Concern Jon Matte Intramural Varsity Solution
Halftime Show Andrew Esten Intramural Varsity Solution
Food Court Ata Gurpinar Intramural Varsity Solution
Magic Spells Jon Matte Intramural Varsity Solution
Dark Shadows (Meta) Ata Gurpinar Intramural Varsity Solution
Marlborough Heat
Bork Flips Christopher Cotton Intramural Varsity Solution
Cooking Breakfast Amy Swartz Intramural Varsity Solution
Hanover Fist Julia Tenney Intramural Varsity Location Info Solution
Heavenly Bodies Christopher Cotton Intramural Varsity Solution
Catering Services (Meta) Ata Gurpinar Intramural Varsity Solution
Dorchester Cowboys
Platter Up Andrew Esten Intramural Varsity Solution
Tortoise & Hare Julia Tenney Intramural Varsity Location Info Solution
Mason-Dixon Line Rebecca Vessenes Intramural Varsity Solution coming
Greenway Meander Julia Tenney Intramural Varsity Location Info Solution
Wild West (Meta) Ata Gurpinar Intramural Varsity Solution
Hingham Astros
Frozen Over Jon Matte Intramural Varsity Solution
Dream Weaving Becca Perry Intramural Varsity Solution
Phonic Boom Marc Moskowitz Intramural Varsity Solution
Glitched Connection Julia Tenney Intramural Varsity Location Info Solution
Star Charts (Meta) Ata Gurpinar Intramural Varsity Solution
Final Metas
Double Header (Meta 1) Ata Gurpinar Intramural Varsity Solution
Big Game (Meta 2) Ata Gurpinar Intramural Varsity Solution


The writing team for BAPHL 18 is Baby Velociraptor Stands Trial for Their Misdeeds and friends, composed of some members of Immoral, Illegal, and Fattening (attorneys at Law) and other friends in the puzzlehunting community.
Lead Designer
Ata Gurpinar
Lead Editor
Matt Sakai
Hunt Manager
Amy Swartz
Additional Editors
Ata Gurpinar, Deborah Kaplan, Marc Moskowitz, Amy Swartz, Julia Tenney
Christopher Cotton, Andrew Esten, Ata Gurpinar, Jon Matte, Marc Moskowitz, Becca Perry, Amy Swartz, Julia Tenney, and Rebecca Vessenes
Test solvers
Andy Arizpe, Max Chang, Christopher Cotton, Mark De Los Santos, Amos Eshel, David Farhi, Yossi Fendel, Aaron Fuegi, Sean Fujiwara, Phil Harnish, Amanda Harris, Wei-Hwa & Trisha Huang, Daniel Lepage, Sean Lip, Chris Luhrs, Jon Matte, Casey McNamara, Ali Mosallaei, Becca Perry, the Rock Lobsters, Deanna Rubin, Greg Schechter, Jeff Schwartz, Phil Steindel, Julia Tenney, Hueiyen Tsai, Kevin Wald, Dana Young, Derek Young, Kenny Young, Allen Zhou
Art & Fonts
Non-standard fonts designed by Astigmatic One Eye Foundry, Furetto Bislacco, Casady & Greene, and Imran Nasution
Art of Baby Velociraptor created by Jesse Gilmer
Art for map created by Anton Noskov, O R I M Λ T, Carlos Palma, romzicon, Rose Kennedy Greenway, Artem Yurov
Art for Mason-Dixon Line created by Dmitry Baranovskiy, Jae Daesigner, German Federal Roads Office, Martina Krasnayová, Lastspark, Oksana Latysheva, Marco Livolsi, Anthony Lui, Kervin Markle, Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority, Saeful Muslim, Elves Sousa, Studio GLD, Julia Tenney, Orin Zuu
Art for Platter Up created by Joshua Ganyon, Scott Witthoft
Art for Tortoise & Hare created by Julia Tenney. Extra intramural art created by Cristoph Robausch
Art for Wild West created by Florent B, Ata Gurpinar, Martina Krasnayová, Grégory Montigny
Art for Double Header and Big Game created by Ata Gurpinar
Event Volunteers
Paul Geromini, Ata Gurpinar, Deborah Kaplan, Albert Lin, Jason McIntosh, Marc Moskowitz, Becca Perry, Matt Sakai, Amy Swartz, Julia Tenney, Rebecca Vessenes


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