Solution - The Missing Link (#009)

There are three sets of words. Each set has twice the number of words on the sides as it does circles in the middle. Each circle represents a word, which can be used in conjunction with the words on its left and right to create two-word phrases. For example, “union” can be used with “labor” on the left and “jack” on the right.

Each word in the middle corresponds to two words on the left and two words on the right. As suggested by the given points, we connect these sets of words with lines. Each crossing is exactly on top of one of the circles given.

The words for each set, ordered by the numbers inside the circles, are:

Taking the first letter of each of these words gives the words UP, CRACK, and GUY. Thus, the answer to this puzzle is the word that makes a phrase when it precedes each of these, which is WISE.