Solution - Puzzle Puzzle (#005)

Each of the 34 images clues a four-letter word. Moreover, many pairs of these four-letter words differ in exactly one letter; e.g., HONK and HONE, POET and POST, SHIP and WHIP.

As indicated by the name of this puzzle and the flavortext, in order to complete this puzzle we need to use the earlier puzzle, "Answer Answer". It is possible to assign the 34 four letter words to the 34 vertices in the Answer Answer diagram such that two words differ by a letter if and only if there is an edge connecting them in the Answer Answer diagram.

Because of various symmetries, there are several different ways to assign words to vertices, but in all of them, the same pair of words will belong to the edge labeled with the smaller capital letter (for example, in the A, NEWT and NEAT will always be the endpoints of the edge labeled 'A'). In fact, this smaller capital letter is always one of the two letters changed in the pair of words. Taking the other letter that was changed spells out the answer, WHOOPS.