Solution - Double or Nothing (#003)

Begin by filling in both grids (as in a standard Siamese crossword, each pair of clues gives two answers in some order for the two grids).

For six of the across clues, this answer to one clue of the pair of clues is a "doubler" word; a word which consists of the same string doubled twice. These clues are

    8-Across (Type of fish): MAHI MAHI
    15-Across (North African dish): COUSCOUS
    37-Across (Cheerleader's implement): POMPOM
    39-Across (Important people): HOTSHOTS
    61-Across (Polynesian island): BORA BORA
    63-Across (Cream of ____): TARTAR

These clues should be entered in both grids, with half going in each grid (highlighted in yellow int he above grids). The remaining unused clues are in fact words that appear elsewhere in the grids.

    8-Across: PIER -> STAR
    15-Across: COP -> TOP
    37-Across: IRON -> AWOL
    39-Across: TRICK -> RELET
    61-Across: GOAL -> EDAM
    63-Across: UPON -> SPAM

The first letters of the corresponding words in the opposite grid spells out the answer, which is STARES.