What's BAPHL?

BAPHL stands for the Boston Area Puzzle Hunt League. As the name implies, it is a recurring series of puzzle hunts taking place somewhere in the Boston Area.

Okay, well, what's a puzzle hunt then?

A puzzle hunt is an event where teams of puzzle solvers are given difficult puzzles that require various logical, lateral-thinking, and creative skills to solve. Events such as BANG, SNAP, and DASH add an element of exploration by tying the puzzles to specific physical locations that teams have to get to.

What sorts of puzzles are there?

Our puzzles are most inspired by the MIT Mystery Hunt, a weekend-long puzzle extravaganza held at MIT every January. Of course, BAPHL will be much shorter and the puzzles will be easier.

Where do BAPHLs come from?

Well, when a mommy BAPHL and a daddy BAPHL love each other very much…

The first BAPHL event was written by team Sexy Funeral and ran in May 2010. Since then, four BAPHL events have been written by various teams, with BAPHL 5 scheduled to happen on April 21st, 2012. We'd really like BAPHL to grow into a thriving puzzle community for Boston. If you're interested in writing a puzzle hunt, or if you have any comments or suggestions, please contact us at baphl@baphl.org!